Terms and Conditions

Class Terms and Conditions

A. The first three days will be spent preparing for the written test to obtain your permit. You may fail the test if you do not prepare for it. Concentrate and focus on all the material we give you. Please study carefully. DO NOT MISS LESSON 1, 2, OR 3 - the CERTIFICATE (DE-964) can not be given to a student until student attends six hours of this course and has passed the written permit test.

B. TO GET YOUR TEENS PERMIT, you must have a their ORIGINAL certified copy of American Birth Certificate or passport, or Foreign passport with visa/green card and ORIGINAL Social Security Card, and ORIGINAL Verification of Enrollment Form from your high School attendance office. *NO XEROX OR FAXED COPIES OF THESE ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE DPS OFFICE. We will provide the Application form to get a permit . This form will only need to be NOTARIZED if a parent is unable to take their teen to DPS. We will provide a notary at our office for your convenience for $3 cash only. The DPS office will not issue permit without these forms.

C. You must attend class every day on a consecutive basis until you are finished. You are allowed 5 absences, but all missed classes must be made up when the class is taught again (if we have a vacancy in that class) the following session. Your instructor will give you those dates at the end of the session. Depending on the number of students who missed a lesson, we will arrange a special “wild card” make-up day for a student to make up any one missed lesson. These "wild card" make up days are normally scheduled every other Friday in the evening. If you miss more than 5 Days, you will be withdrawn from class, you must re-enter in the next class and return on the first lesson missed to complete the course. To re-enter a course there will be a $100 re-enrollment fee.YOU HAVE 1 year TO FINISH THE 32 Class hours. Failure to complete the class hours in 1 year will result in cancellation of your permit, you will receive no credit , and must repeat the class. Tuition will be payable in full.

D. We will assign a workbook folder on the 4th night of class. Please come to class with a black ink pen. You are responsible for these items each day. All your classroom work will be kept in your folder. Please write your name on your folder. Your folder will be checked on Lesson 16.

E. A Texas Driver handbook will be given to you to study from. You will need to return the book to the instructor at A-plus after passing your permit test.

F. Once you get your permit, you will give your permit number to the instructor to place on your driving sheet. We will then begin to schedule your first driving appointment. It is your responsibility to sign up for your driving appointments by signing up in class or calling us. Please write down all your appointments.

G. Meet our instructor at A-Plus Driving School 5 minutes before your driving lesson and will need to be picked up at A-Plus Driving School after lesson is over. PARENTS: when picking up student after appointment please be on time so that we can keep our schedule with our next drivers. We can not leave a student alone so we expect you to be on time. If your ride is more than 5 minutes late picking you up there will be a fine of $5 dollars each minute late.

H. To cancel or schedule a driving appointment, an information sheet will be explained and given to all students the night permits are issued. No-show fees must be paid before next driving lesson. Certificate will not be issued until all fines paid. Driving Lessons must be completed in 1 year of signed contract.

I. Final payment on contract is due the last Monday of the course. Bring correct amount if paying cash.

J. Please be on time for class. You will not be admitted if you are more than 5 minutes late. You will have to make-up that lesson.

K. Please use Restroom and Telephone before class at the break or after class. All cell phone ringers are to be off during classroom instruction. PLEASE LEAVE IPODS AT HOME. Our office telephone is not guaranteed to be answered during class. Parents if you have an emergency please have someone come to the school with the message if you can not reach us by phone.

L. There will be a 10 minute break every day. Use this time to use the restroom and get a snack or drink from the vending machine. No student is allowed outside during break. This is for your safety.

M. All students will be sitting in the same chair each night. Before you are dismissed from class. Please pick up any trash from around your table and push in your chair. Please keep your desk area clean.

N. Any damage to chairs, desks, tables, walls etc., student will be charged for the damage.

O. We will keep the same dress code as all public schools. No revealing clothes. We ask that pants must be no lower than hip and no under garments showing.

P. RESPECT your instructor and classmates. You will be sent home and will have to make-up that class. So remember not to embarrass yourself & your parents by having to call them to pick you up.

Q. Conduct: Students will be dismissed from the class/school for behavior that is not conductive to a learning environment including excessive talking in class, insubordination, or any other disruptive behavior. Each student will be dealt with on an individual basis. Students may be allowed to reenter class upon resolution of the problem. SMOKING OR THE USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS NOT ALLOWED AT A-PLUS AND STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE A-PLUS PROPERTY TO USE TOBACCO PRODUCTS, BEFORE , DURING, OR AFTER CLASS. THE USE OF TOBACCO WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Behind the Wheel Terms and Conditions


Schedule and Cancel all driving lessons by phone/voice-mail at 281-353-9377.

Press 3 to cancel or schedule a driving appointment. Leave a message by speaking slowly even spelling your last name (many students names can sound very similar).
*To cancel an appointment you must leave name, date and time you are cancelling.
*To schedule an appointment you will need to leave Full Name, your Assigned Class# & all phone numbers to contact you or a parent to schedule.
The best time to call and schedule a driving appointment is Monday thru Friday 10am-4pm.
Always leave a message, we may be on the other line. All calls will be returned as soon as possible.

The phones are not answered Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday and Sunday messages will be checked by instructors only when they arrive for their first driving lesson of the day . If you must contact your teen for an emergency, he/she may bring a personal cell with him/her and leave on vibrate. A student may only speak to parent or relative when given permission by instructor. Never will a student talk on the phone while driving.

1. DO NOT BE LATE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT! All students are expected to be at A-Plus Driving School on time for a driving lesson. You will need to arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled driving appointment with your permit. You will meet the instructor at the back of our building, where our back office and drivers ed cars are. If the instructor is not there at the exact time of your appointment be patient he/she will arrive soon - DO NOT LEAVE.

2. The Student will drive 1 hour and observe 1 hour while another student is driving.

3. You must have your restricted license (permit) with you every time you drive. If you do not have your permit you cannot drive and you will be charged $30 for missing the lesson. #1 Reason for no-show charge - No Permit: left it in parents car, lost it or forgot it. #2 Reason for no-show charge - Forgot date and time he/she signed up for or parents signed student up but was unaware of conflict in students schedule.

4. Students will drive in pairs. If you no show for your driving lesson or do not cancel in time, the other student scheduled to drive must be rescheduled for his observation, so you create an inconvenience and aggravation for the other student who was scheduled to drive with you. In addition, the instructor is left with a gap in his schedule. Also you are wasting a driving time for someone else who could have driven. Be responsible about your driving lessons.

5. Cancellation Policy :

* DRIVING LESSONS MUST BE CANCELED NO LESS THAN 12 HOURS BEFORE A DRIVING APPOINTMENT. OR THERE WILL BE A$30 CHARGE. BE COURTEOUS AND CANCEL ANY SATURDAY & SUNDAY DRIVING LESSONS BEFORE 5PM ON FRIDAY. * Working, Athletics, or illness does not excuse you from a no-show penalty if you do not give proper notice. We regret if you get sick.

6. Students will have 7 driving lessons, 2 hours each time a total of 14 hours in the car. The driving lessons will take two to three weeks longer than the classroom session. If you no-show for driving lessons or cancel appointments, it will take you much longer to finish the course . Do not sign up to drive unless you are sure you can keep the appointment. If you anticipate a conflict with one of your driving times, please call to cancel well in advance. We do not want your $30. We want you to drive!